When the Water runs Dry

10 Jun

when the water runs dry



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.


These predicaments we face really break the heart

This problem has gone on longer than we both can bear

After so long a love

The waters run dry

Our emotions are mere actions predetermined by stereotypes

How did we get here?

Feeling like Deborah Cox in the brain

This thing we’ve become I truly detest

Sometimes I feel like running away

Far away or even back in time

When the rivers flowed with vigor and strength

Love’s presence has eroded like mountains over time

The fire is extinguished

Intimacy is like a household chore

Life has caught hold of our status and twisted it into a withered old soul

The words “ I Love You” are hollow and bare

No emotion flows from the words spoken from our mouths

But this love must reignite

We’re destined to be great

We sacrifice too much

We savor too little

I love you for eternity

I can’t live without you

Please help me find passion

That first love type passion

That passionate love making

Help me ignite that fire

That had us dripping from head to toe with sweat from a pleasurable night

Light the fire and let it burn for eternity

I love you can’t you see that?

Let’s work this out

Let’s be one again

Let me love you better

Don’t let the water run dry


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One response to “When the Water runs Dry

  1. Garret

    June 11, 2009 at 7:30 am

    Beautiful. Can I put that on my blog, with Kudo’s to you of course. Email me and let me know. That needs to be shared.

    Wonderfully written


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