The War between Us

06 Jun

the war between us



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.


Another night of this endless madness

Why do we argue about such silly things?

I refuse to go to bed with this anger on my mind

I refuse to let your heart go on hurting

Let’s solve these issues

Let’s make amends for both of our mistakes

Your mind wanders over infidelities I haven’t committed

My mind wanders

Wanders into thoughts of you

Thoughts of us

Thoughts of we

What makes us be?

How did our I’s become We’s?

I love you but that feeling is broken

Torn with the way our words tear each other apart

Our differences are complicated by our misunderstanding of each other

See we don’t even talk no more

I’m a total stranger

Your suspicions have diluted our trust

I’ve done nothing but love you

But the more I love you the more suspicions I look

The battlefield is our once happy home

The war is our lack of communication

You don’t want to talk about it

Well dammit I do

These discretions run deep

I’m not your ex

I’m not that guy who did u wrong

I am a brand new feeling

A new start

Give me a chance to prove to you

That I’m that man that can do

Right by you


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