Empty Nothings

22 Apr


By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

No money, no love, not a place to call my own

Empty pockets, empty hearts and a weathered shell of emptiness

Where do you find such lovely amenities?

Love, passion and wealth galore

To the four corners I have searched and as the wind blows I am carried further away from loveliness

But nothing is found

Not one passionate heart

Not one empty shack

A simple man I portray myself as

Not asking for too much

Just three simple completions to my long and empty life

What is a man that has nothing?

Others must be so lucky, blessed or highly favored

No greenbacks for me

Not one goodnight kiss

Not even an apartment on the east side of town

Am I cursed, rejected or down on my luck

Or am I just delusional to reality and neglecting the facts

Only looking at the surface

Instead of what’s beneath

Cause one I look within

Happiness sought is already within my grasp

Love of self, family and friends as well

Money in my pocket not too much or too little

Home is where the heart is

It’s also what you make it

A place where empty nothings cannot dwell

Instead just full completeness


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