The Hidden Genius

18 Apr


By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

He sits and listens intently

When asked his opinion a few simple words he utters

Their amazed by his intelligence

Young features with an old soul

Not a very striking character

But when he writes words come to life

Life is made wonderful by the strokes of his pen

He tells a story of love

He spins a tale about life’s experiences

Old times and new

Lost love and life’s harsh realities

A gentleman is what his family calls him

A scholar is what his peers call him

A soldier is what his nation calls him

A lover is what his lady calls him

Simple descriptions barely scratch the surface

The depth of his personality is as deep as the ocean trench

As wide as the universe above

As bright as the high noon sun

He writes to restore

He writes to help

He writes to renew

His journey as just begun

Endless days exploring the path of his talents

Talents long hidden behind silent lips and a lively mind

Burst forth when freed spewed on the masses is knowledge and love

Deep and thoughtful

Harsh and deceitful

Loving and nurturing

Melodies and rhyme connotations expressed on blank pages

He is slowly finding his voice

Taken from the words he expresses so deeply

Soon to be heard by every living being

A hidden genius he is no more


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