Infidelity of the Other

29 Sep


By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

A total stranger

A close friend

Your own flesh and blood

The betrayal of a happy home

Your life destroyed in an instant

A moment of lust causes a lifetime of pain

Your trust is shattered by the actions of another

You cheated

She cheated

We cheated each other

Why did this happen?

Where do we go?

To hell and back for all I know

Our souls are scarred our love is tarnished

Tyler Perry called it the 80/20 rule

Some say the grass isn’t always green on the other side

We ignored the fact

Ignorance outweighs Logic

Love was confused with lust

A moment of passion


Lost to the time

Time we can’t retrieve


An accident

9 months of agony

My spouse it is not



Oh what a shame

Stay true to her

Stay true to him

Stay true to yours


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One response to “Infidelity of the Other

  1. SlimLady21

    October 2, 2008 at 11:49 pm

    Damn you are too deep ;). You always make me think. But I will say one thing its hard to know the difference between love and lust sometimes. Especially when you are attracted to a person’s mind and not just their body. Also when you to have never had sexual intercourse, but you can imagine every minute of it. But I’m a loyal person and I would rather stay true to mine that to make a mistake. But who knows if it is really a mistake or destiny?


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