Sexual Passion

23 Aug

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.


Passionate kisses began our night


 Your soft touch excites my senses.

I enjoy the sight of your body, just the right amount of thickness.

As I run my hands over your curvaceous body, I can’t help but think I’m the luckiest guy on earth at this point.

Your soft sighs and sexy moans tell me you’re enjoying my actions

 I lay you on the bed and use my big lips to make you scream with pleasure.


We start with our lips locking then I move down to your neck I lick and suck till I see something else that catches my eye.

Your beautiful breasts are calling my name I lick around the nipple occasionally flicking my tongue over your hardened them

Then I completely engorge your breast going from one to the other like a starving man.


Then I make a trail with my tongue down the middle of your abdomen to your belly button,

With you this is a sensitive spot so I make sure to pay extra attention to that area.


Now your moans are getting louder, because you know I’m approaching my goal.

As you anticipate me going down, I throw a curve in plans and go for your thighs,

Mainly your inner thigh, a really sensitive area, I can tell this by the way your pussy is dripping with pleasure

 I go from thigh to thigh flicking my tongue over your clit in the process,

You’re not expecting this and a little scream escapes your lips. 


Then I fully engage your pussy, pulling back the lips so that my tongue can wander around your sweet walls.

Once the foreplay has ended, I slowly slide my dick in, until I hear you gasp, this lets me know that your enjoying it.


I start out in missionary going slow at first to get you use to him, once your pussy is use to it, I speed up.

By now you’re moaning and calling my name really loud.


Now I’m pulling you close to the edge of the bed, so I can brace my feet on the floor and really fuck you. You start to tremble and your eyes roll back into your head,

I know you’re having an orgasm, because your nails are digging into my back and arms.

Then you let out a loud moan and shake uncontrollably,

But I’m still in control as I quickly flip you over, so that I can hit it from the back.

Your pussy feels so good, just the way I like it warm and extremely wet.


Once again I start out slow, cause when hitting it from the back I have a lot more control.

I speed up and you’re burying your head into a pillow to keep from screaming.

I know it feels good to you because you have another orgasm within a matter of seconds.

My goal is to make you cum over and over again.


Now that I’ve done my part it’s time for me to check out your bedroom skills.

I lay on the bed and you climb on top.

You ride like a champ, you get into it so much that you start grinding yourself on my dick, t

This drives me wild as we cum together this time.

Our bodies are in unison and the rhythm is just right.

Then while your still on top to turn around with you’re back facing me and continue to ride I watch as your nice round ass is jiggling as you ride the hell out of my dick.

I see you getting tired so I thrust in and out to keep the rhythm going smooth.

Now your freaky side comes out as you want to try new positions,

You hang over the side of the bed with your hands on the ground as I get on top and ride your ass.

I see you have a goal also, to make me cum as many times as possible and I don’t disappoint.

I’m not done yet though as I pick you up and sit you on my dick and we fuck standing up.

As I lay you back on the bed we finish our night of passion by Cumming in unison again.

We both lay there exhausted and slowly drift off to sleep

Our passionate art complete and our minds at ease


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2 responses to “Sexual Passion

  1. Nazanin

    July 16, 2009 at 8:03 am

    That’s really nice of you
    I hope you to be successful in your life

  2. Queenie Hugs!

    February 9, 2010 at 5:19 am




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