Today Before Tomorrow

22 Aug



By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

When I think of tomorrow, I sometimes forget to focus on today,

Today draws the blueprint for how tomorrow will be. The future as we know is unpredictable and it will always be that way, God knows my past, present, and future and that’s alright with me.



It’s human nature to worry about things they can’t see or change, we often struggle to make it in the tough world of the present, hoping that what tomorrow brings is better.

It’s good to hope, but sometimes that’s all that people rely on and they forget to focus on today rather than worry about what tomorrow brings, because of this they live in a state of negativity and disgrace.

Selfishness is what destroys people, always try help out your friends and family, even total strangers, and help them today so that tomorrow they might be able to help you.

Money isn’t everything, but love is everlasting. You can run out of money, but love runs like an endless stream. If you truly love someone, that person that you love is going to be the only thing you eat, sleep, and breathe in your thoughts, in your heart, and in your soul.

Love conquers all I’m sure you’ve heard that expression, it really does.


Love the person your with Today and reap the benefits Tomorrow!






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