Thoughts of the Mind

22 Aug

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

Thoughts of the mind define the very person I am
What I think is what I feel, what I feel is what I know
Thinking of a time when I was a young boy, so gleeful and full of joy
Playing from dawn till dusk
Without a thought of a care
Now I feel the growing of age and the mature gentleman I became
Looking back on the years, thinking of what was and what is.
In my mind I go back to good times and bad, happiness and sorrow, wondering how my thoughts drove my reactions then and how they change now.
Loving and losing the affection of many
Making love till my emotions overrun
Making decisions that affect the changing times
the thoughts in my mind are always clear, guiding me through the complexities of life, shielding me from an early death of the mind.
I express these thoughts hoping for an answer, a change, a glimmer of something, hoping that my voice is heard among the confusion of the many voices that surround me.
Confused thoughts, confused minds often wage wars on mankind, trying to change the thoughts of others, slowly corrupting society with the ill will that spews from their lips.
Selfishness destroys the bond that mankind was founded upon; the greed of one chokes the life out of positive building blocks of society.
My thoughts will be heard, no matter the cost, no matter the obstacles I may face.
The thoughts of one has since the beginning of time advanced the way the world sees itself, whether good or bad. Thoughts of the mind have brought forth a new era of man, a better and more efficient machine then the past could muster, thoughts of the mind have destroyed civilizations and conquered empires.
Rogue leaders and Good Samaritans have used the power of thought to do the necessary, the impossible and the unthinkable. Thoughts of the mind raise many questions. What does the future hold? What promises will be broken or kept?
A religious man asks what God has in store for mankind
So many questions, and so many thoughts of the mind.

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