Take Me

20 Aug

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.


Take me away to a far away place

Take me from this hurt and betrayal

What did I do to deserve such pain?

A hole has formed where my heart use to be

My love for you will forever be strong, it has no boundaries, and my current states of emotions are a mix of anger and sadness. Take me back before the change of heart, before my life shattered like fallen glass, before I sunk into this shell of my former self.

Take me to a place where love and happiness dwells, where the suns bright and guiding light shines upon my face

Take me from this wretched hell hole of sorrows, this underworld of pain and despair. Make me whole; make me understand why I must feel this way.

The love we had was like no other, the passion and affection was on another level of feel good, it took us high above the reality of our realm Took us to heights of passionate love making.

Now I am falling, falling into darkness, falling into despair, falling into numbness.

Where did you go from me?

What did I do?

How did we get here?

Take me back to you, back to your smiling face

Take me into your arms, so I can embrace the warmth of your love, warming me from this cold darkness.

Just to touch you ignites familiar feelings and thoughts of better times

Here we are staring into each others eyes searching for an answer to the madness, but it is not your fault nor is it mine

That is just the way love goes sometimes.

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Posted by on August 20, 2008 in Emotional Writing


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