Through My Eyes Pt. 1

19 Aug

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.


It is my hope by writing this, the issues addressed will be well received and change can be made and ideals can be shared.

My goals are to help at least one person, spread the flow of knowledge and ideas and foster good relationships between Americans, soldiers, and all the citizens of the world. I’m not a world leader or some great writer, just a regular guy, and a soldier.

Although the situation in Iraq through the eyes of us soldiers will be my focal point I will also address other issues of interest to me and others.

Thank you for listening and reading my thoughts.

I can’t give you my direct location but I am in the Baghdad area. It’s quite a hell hole, not everyday is a bad day, but thoughts of loved ones and life back in America creep into your mind at all times.

I’m an E-4 or Specialist promotable soon to be Sergeant, my primary job is Communications making sure everyone can talk and I tag along on raids and missions to make sure everything works.

Iraq is of course a third world country, but in a way it’s not. Palaces and Architecture are plentiful in Baghdad, Basra, and other bigger cities, but majority of Iraq consist of villages and arid desert to the west. It’s very hot and dry so I have to constantly put lotion on to keep from drying up like a raisin.

Rocket attacks and IEDs are the norm and after awhile, sadly you get use to them.

People you’ve formed a bond with your coworkers you entrust with your life daily and when the unfortunate happens it’s a really sad day here.

I’ve been through a lot since being here. Three days before coming here my sister was found killed.

While I’ve been here the stress of multiple deployments strained my marriage and we recently got a divorce.

My problems pale in comparison to others, so I don’t spend time complaining or focus on it much on them even though inside it hurts.

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