Day and Night

19 Aug

BY: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.

I am tough!
I persevere!
I have the will power of a God!
I am never at my best, I have no limits, and I fear only God
My minds been muddled and filled with mixed feelings and I become numb to the pain, but my inner self said
“Don’t quit and don’t regret”
My body is tired!
I shoulder a heavy burden!
The cries of millions in my ears I hear, but still I push on Tested and Strong!
The sun beats down with fierce intensity and the wind whips up the sand and dirt, making it stings my skin and blinds my eyes, but somewhere in the distance I hear a voice and it tells me
“Keep moving, stay strong”!
Far away from everything I know and love!
Thrust into a foreign land!
Forced to fight or be killed in spite, but day and night I pray for a better day
Day and night I pray for peace
Day and night I pray
I pray
I pray













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Posted by on August 19, 2008 in Inspirational Writing


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